Mandala Mazes



Mandala Mazes is a full-color puzzle book to help you practice mindfulness and become lost in the moment.

Lose yourself in the color and pattern of the mandala in this mindfulness exercise as you wind your way slowly to the center.

For each of the over 70 mazes, start at the top and explore your way through the mandala until you reach the center.

You may find you become distracted by the patterns of the mandala, or even lose your place in the maze. If this happens, don’t worry. Mindfulness doesn’t teach us now to avoid distractions, but how to manage them when they occur.

Take a moment to enjoy the distraction and immerse yourself in the colors and patterns of the mandala. When you’re ready, bring your attention back to the maze, picking up from where you left off or returning to the beginning.


6″ x 9″

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