A game of connection for times when we’re apart

To help us keep our social and emotional connections, rekindle old ones, and maybe even create new ones, Cards for Calm have created Isolatagram.

Isolatagram a game where you create happy thoughts about wonderful people. Whether it’s someone you know, someone you admire, or a complete stranger, Isolatagram lets you imagine something wonderful for them and send it out into the universe.

A game for 3 or more players, ages 7+, Isolatagram can be played with some or all players remote on Zoom, Facetime Group, or your chat app of choice. It’s available as a printable download so it can be easily printed at home (in black and white, to save your ink) and shared with any players who are remote.

Available on Etsy.

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How to Play

The deck contains Hi cards, You cards, Mail cards, and Isolatagram cards. There is also a dice to cut out and glue together (or you can use a regular six-sided dice).

Shuffle the Hi cards and place them in a pile. Do the same with the You cards. Deal the Isolatagram cards equally between the players. Place the Mail cards to the side.

Players take turns to be dealer, starting with the youngest player. The dealer turns over the top Hi card, then the top You card.

Moving clockwise, each player must think of a person described in the Hi card. They choose one of their Isolatagram cards to add. The player must then complete the sentence with loving kindness.

For example….

The Cards Read

Hi Card

Hi [Friend].

You Card

You make me laugh. I want to Isolatagram you

Isolatagram Card

a bucket of sprinkles so you can

What You Say

Hi Ella.
You make me laugh. I want to Isolatagram you
a bucket of sprinkles so you can
plant them and grow rainbows.

When each player has completed their Isolatagram, the dealer decides which is their favorite and declares that player the winner of the round. They can decide this based on which they find funniest, kindest, most courageous, silliest, most charming, or any other criteria that makes them smile or moves their heart.

Winner Rolls the Dice
The winning player must roll the dice. If they roll ‘Send Your Isolatagram’ (or a 6, if using a regular dice) then they must send their message to the person they named in the ‘Hi’ card. They can send it as a text, email, phone call, DM, video, post it publicly on social media (tag it #isolatagram), or just shout it out the window. If the winning player sends their Isolatagram they are awarded a Mail card.

The winning player collects all the Isolatagram cards that were played. The Hi and You cards are returned to the bottom of their respective decks.

The winner is the player with the most Isolatagram and Mail cards after 3 rounds are played.

Rules for Playing Remotely

If one or more players are remote, then each player will need to print and cut out a full set of the deck.

Everyone stacks their Hi and You cards as described above and deals themselves one Connection card. Then, everyone deals themselves the same number of Isolatagram cards (no cheating!).

Assign one player to keep score and make sure they have a pen and paper. Play according to the rules above, with each player dealing from their own stack of Hi and You cards when it’s their turn.

When a round is won, the player keeping score tallies up the Isolatagram cards in play and awards that number of points to the winner. Each player discards the Isolatagram cards they’ve played and cannot play them again.

Cards for Calm
Cards for Calm make mental health therapy tools and educational resources that help people deal with negative emotions and develop healthy, positive responses to situations that cause them stress. Their Imaginhero series guides children to reframe their thinking to stressful situations through imagining they have superpowers.

Their latest game, Isolatagram, connects people and spreads love when it’s necessary for us to be apart. It’s available as a digital download from Etsy.

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