How To Play

Single Player

Pick a Question card at random and think about the problem it presents. Have you faced this problem in the past? Do you have this problem now?

Play a Card

Read the Answer card to see how you can think your way around the problem. Try the suggested visualizations and see if they help you think differently. Try creating some of your own. You can play a card any time during the day when you feel anxious or negative.

Play Through the Day

See how many cards you can play in a day. Find little spaces in the day where you can take another turn. They can be times when you feel anxious and want to find calm, or want to prepare against anxiety. To start your day mindfully, place the deck on top of your phone before you go to sleep. When you wake and reach for your phone, turn over a Question card instead. Think of how many times a day you check your phone; take just one or two of those moments and, instead, play another card.

Multi Player

It can be hard to talk to others about our problems. The multi-player rules of the game help you to present your friends with the things you find difficult,  then challenges them to think up creative solutions for you.

Play a Card

Each player is given a wildcard, then players take it in turns to deal. The dealer plays a Question card and, if they feel this card relates to an issue in their lives, the card is played. If not, the deck moves to the next player. The issue can be trivial (“I’m online too much”) or something more serious (“I impulse shop when stressed”).

Get Creative

When a Question card is played, the dealer explains their problem to the others and the Answer card is read. The other players take turns to suggest a visualization that could help the dealer with their problem.

Think creatively when you suggest solutions. Let your imagination run wild. You can give practical suggestions or fantastical, imaginative visualizations they can picture when in the situation.

Win by Helping Your Friends

The dealer keeps the Question card and awards the Answer card to the player who gave the best answer. They can also award their wildcard if they loved the answer. When all cards are played, the winner is the player holding the most cards.