Educational Resources

The Imaginhero™ educational resources are a series of worksheets and exercises to help bring mindfulness and cognitive behavioral therapy techniques into the classroom.

All of our educational resources are available on Teachers Pay Teachers, Amazon, and Etsy.

Power Words

Imaginhero™ Power Words is a worksheet that guides students to identify their strengths and ideals. By thinking of a word or phrase (their ‘power word’) that associates with their ideal, students are encouraged to imagine their ‘super self’.

The power word they have associated with their ideal self can be used to maintain an accurate and positive self-concept. Through reinforcement, it can be used as a trigger to boost the strength and self-confidence of a student when they face a challenging situation.

Social Emotional Learning
The Power Words worksheet helps students develop self-awareness in line with the first of the five social emotional learning (SEL) core competencies. The Power Words worksheet can be used either as part of an established SEL curriculum or as a stand-alone activity.

Recognizing Strengths: The process of finding their ‘power word’ guides a student to list positive attributes and aspirations they have, and to recognize their individual strengths.

Self-confidence: Through identifying their strengths and associating them with a superhero persona, students will elevate their self-concept and increase their self-confidence.

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Hero Mind

The Imaginhero Hero Mind pack is a set of resources to help students change their internal narrative when they’re stuck in negative patterns of thought.

Using superhero imagery, the pack gives students the language and visualizations with which to change their way of thinking from a fixed mindset (“I can’t do math”) to a growth mindset (“I’m going to train my brain to math”).

The pack includes hero images in several skin tones, comic book speech bubbles for the different mindsets, background images and headers. Printable pieces can be assembled onto an 18”x24” poster board. There are also 8.5”x11” worksheets for individual or group work.

Like the poster components, the worksheets have both male and female superheroes in a range of skin tones. There are also sheets with just the mask or tiara so students can draw their own superhero self.



Wet Cat Attack!

The Imaginhero™ Wet Cat Attack! Worksheet is designed for Grade K students to help them develop a self-soothing visualization for when their emotions become overwhelming.

In this worksheet, students will learn about the concept of emotional overload as having Wet Cat Brain. They will be encouraged to identify things that cause them emotional overload. They will visualize this feeling as their brain “being as freaked out as a wet cat”. Then they will learn a visualization technique that will help them calm their emotional state.

Finally, students will color and fold the Mind Flip worksheet. By flipping between the pages of the finished sheet, students will ‘dry’ their emotionally overloaded cat and help calm it.

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Supercomputer Analysis

The Supercomputer Analysis worksheet is a tool to help students develop healthy methods of managing their emotions in problem situations.

By imagining themselves as a superhero and the situation that occurred from the perspective of a non-emotive computer that monitors them from their superhero base, the student is walked through the process of objectively reviewing their own emotions, their reaction, the impact on themselves and others, what they would like to have done differently, and how they plan to react to similar situations in the future.



Classroom Superhero Worksheet

The Imaginhero Classroom Superhero Worksheet  helps you and your child develop coping strategies to make being in a new classroom, or any new environment, easier.

The worksheet will help your child find ways to feel empowered through identifying their Classroom Superpower. Together you can talk through what special quality they bring to their class. Whether it’s firing Rainbows of Happiness from their fingertips or radiating Ocean Waves of Calm, they can create visualizations that help them deal with difficult situations.

As well as imagining how they can use their Classroom Superpower to help themselves, encourage them to think about how their superpower could be used to help others. If they see another student who is struggling or nervous, ask them ton imagine using their power to offer encouragement and support before they go over to help.

The pack includes a printable sheet, superhero mask, and Hero ID cards in both color and black and white versions.

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Imaginhero Classroom Superhero

Classroom Meditations

You may also be interested in our meditation podcast, Imaginhero Superhero Training. Or find the Imaginhero therapy tools, for use in therapy sessions, classrooms, or individually, on Amazon.

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