7 Days of Calm, Day 1: Shields Up


Hate, aggression, resentment originate in others and are thrown at us, but we’re under no obligation to accept them. We can learn to deflect comments and criticism that are harmful to us. We can raise a shield to protect us from other peoples negativity.

Picture your shield surrounding you. How big is it? What shape does it take?

Think about how your shield protects you. Think about how it physically deters negative comments people make about you.

Do their hurtful remarks shatter into dust when they come into contact with your shield? Do they bounce off and vanish toward the horizon? Maybe they slide around you, leaving you untouched?

Their comments could also pass through your shield and become transformed. Their surface aggression can be stripped away to reveal how, in talking about you, they are really talking about themselves. If the words, “You’ll never be successful” pass through your shield, they are stripped back to reveal what they really mean.

“I wish I were as strong as you.”

“I would be scared to do the things you do.”

Your shield provides a means of interpreting the world around you. It allows you to move forward with your goals without distraction. How can you imagine your shield working for you?

Day 2: Break the Cycle