7 Days of Calm, Day 7: Find Your Inner Kid

Kids are experts at living in the moment. They don’t worry about what happened yesterday or what may happen tomorrow, they enjoy being where they are today. As adults, we find more time to worry or be distracted. We create more time to over-analyze the events of yesterday and over-plan the events of tomorrow. FindContinue reading “7 Days of Calm, Day 7: Find Your Inner Kid”

7 Days of Calm, Day 6: They Go Low, You Go High

It can be too easy to try and feel better about ourselves by putting others down. Sometimes we realize we are perpetrators of such behavior, sometimes we are the targets of it. Can you think of a time when someone hurt you to make themselves feel good? Or when you hurt someone to feel betterContinue reading “7 Days of Calm, Day 6: They Go Low, You Go High”

7 Days of Calm, Day 5: Stay On Target

There are things in our lives constantly crying out for attention. Devices, media, friends, family, chores, work, ambitions, desires. Multitasking is a useful tool but, like any tool, it’s important to only use it for the right task. Distractions can be damaging to our sense of calm. If we focus on many tasks at onceContinue reading “7 Days of Calm, Day 5: Stay On Target”

7 Days of Calm, Day 4: Let It Go

We all have things we dwell on. Thoughts or situations on which we become fixated, replaying them over and over in our heads. So often, these are situations that are in the past. Situations that may never happen. How good would it feel to take that thought and just let it go? Think of theContinue reading “7 Days of Calm, Day 4: Let It Go”

7 Days of Calm, Day 3: Get Back in the Game

Sometimes things can feel overwhelming. And that can be okay. We just have to remember that our emotions often don’t reflect the reality of our situation. Is there something that makes you freeze up? Something that makes you hide under the duvet rather than face it? Think of that thing that seems so overwhelming. Embrace it andContinue reading “7 Days of Calm, Day 3: Get Back in the Game”

7 Days of Calm, Day 2: Break the Cycle

Our habitual behaviors are learned responses to recurring situations. Almost all habitual behavior is positive. If you’re about to cross a road, you’ve learned the habit of first checking it’s clear of traffic. Some habits we adopt because they were, at one point, of benefit to us. However, if they are no longer beneficial andContinue reading “7 Days of Calm, Day 2: Break the Cycle”

7 Days of Calm, Day 1: Shields Up

Hate, aggression, resentment originate in others and are thrown at us, but we’re under no obligation to accept them. We can learn to deflect comments and criticism that are harmful to us. We can raise a shield to protect us from other peoples negativity. Picture your shield surrounding you. How big is it? What shape doesContinue reading “7 Days of Calm, Day 1: Shields Up”

7 Days of Calm

Welcome to our 7 step guide to creating one moment a day where you deal with anxiety. We all have stress in our lives. Cards for Calm helps you find little moments in your day to look at the source of this stress and develop creative ways of dealing with it. Each card is designed to take only aContinue reading “7 Days of Calm”