About the Game

Cards for Calm can be played alone or with friends. It will help you create spaces in your day to focus on what really matters to you, to find new ways to deal with anxiety and create structures to pursue your goals.

The deck contains 24 Question cards and 24 Answer cards. Each Question card helps you identify an area of your life you’d like to improve. Each has a corresponding Answer card to help you explore the behavior and find new ways to deal with it.

Everyone has something they feel they’re not dealing with well. Stress at work or school. Trouble focusing. Bad habits you can’t shake. Poor self-image. The cards in the deck will help you think about the underlying problems and ways in which you can address them.

Dislike confrontation?

Find alternate ways to approach confrontational circumstances.

Bored by work or school?

Create new challenges for yourself based around your passions.

Trouble focusing?

Develop new approaches to tasks that keep your attention and tune out interference.

The Question card, Let It Go, and the first side of the corresponding answer card.