About the Game

Promote Positive Mental Health

Cards for Calm teaches positive thinking using mindfulness, cognitive behavioral therapy, visualization and creative thinking. It helps people think differently about the sources of their anxiety and stress.

The deck includes over 20 pairs of Question and Answer cards. Each Question card outlines a common problem that can cause anxiety. The Answer card looks deeper into the issue, then guides the user through visualizations they can create to change their emotional response to the situation.

Cards for Calm can be used by individuals to analyze and change their behavior, as well as by counsellors and therapists to help clients reframe their approach to situations that cause them problems.

Better Thinking Through Therapy

It can be a struggle to break out of learnt patterns of thinking. Cards for Calm helps identify fun and creative visualizations that allow people to block unhelpful patterns of thinking and develop more positive responses. It helps address common problems such as confrontation, lack of motivation, trouble focusing.

Dislike confrontation?

Find alternate ways to approach confrontational circumstances.

Bored by work or school?

Create new challenges for yourself based around your passions.

Trouble focusing?

Develop new approaches to tasks that keep your attention and tune out interference.

American made, the 2.5” x 3.5” cards are small enough to fit in your pocket. They’re designed in California and printed in Kentucky.

All our products are made from paper grown in sustainable forests. We use starched-based laminating and vegetable-based inks to reduce water pollution. And they’re 100% recyclable.

Know that You Are Loved

Cards for Calm is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. It should not be used as an alternative to professional healthcare. If you feel you are struggling with anxiety, depression or another form of mental illness please consult your doctor.

If you’re having thoughts of hurting yourself or others, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline ( 1-800-273-8255) or dial 911 immediately. Help is available.

Know that you are loved, and that you are not alone.

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