5 Small Steps



This book guides you through 5 simple steps that help you obtain focus, balance, and happiness in your day.

By defining 5 main areas in your day you will slowly shift your daily habits to focus on your life’s purpose, fix bad habits, make incremental improvements in your behavior, and learn to approach things with patience and serenity.

If this sounds like a lot, don’t worry. Just 1 or 2 notes a day will make a difference. And they don’t have to be consecutive days. You can take breaks and pick your progress back up at any time.

The important thing is to set a goal that are achievable for you, today. It doesn’t matter if you think someone else could easily put 10 things on their list and accomplish them all by lunch. That fictional person you’re thinking of? They’re not real. They are not you. They are not living your life. If you only write one thing a day, that’s great progress. Keep that one thing in your mind and work toward it whenever you can.

Progress is achieved through small steps, not great leaps.

Lose yourself in the color and pattern of the mandala in this mindfulness exercise as you wind your way slowly to the center.

For each of the over 70 mazes, start at the top and explore your way through the mandala until you reach the center.

You may find you become distracted by the patterns of the mandala, or even lose your place in the maze. If this happens, don’t worry. Mindfulness doesn’t teach us now to avoid distractions, but how to manage them when they occur.

Take a moment to enjoy the distraction and immerse yourself in the colors and patterns of the mandala. When you’re ready, bring your attention back to the maze, picking up from where you left off or returning to the beginning.


4.5″ x 6.875″

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