7 Days of Calm, Day 5: Stay On Target

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There are things in our lives constantly crying out for attention. Devices, media, friends, family, chores, work, ambitions, desires. Multitasking is a useful tool but, like any tool, it’s important to only use it for the right task.

Distractions can be damaging to our sense of calm. If we focus on many tasks at once our attention becomes fragmented. And, with it, our sense of purpose.

What do you find yourself distracted by?

Attempts to focus on too many tasks, or on tasks that are too dissimilar, can take more time and energy than approaching them individually. What is it that makes you try to do so much at once? Are you worried about falling behind? Is it fear of failure? Fear of missing out? Do you feel pressure to overachieve?

You can create an anchor that brings your attention back when you’re distracted. Your focus is important, and your anchor will help it keep from drifting.

Your anchor could be clapping your hands. Clicking your fingers. Singing a song. Saying ‘No’ (out loud or under your breath). What will your anchor be?

Think of the things that distract you. When you’ve activated your anchor, can you picture these distractions as smoke being blown away? Are they clouds that part? A flock of noisy seagulls who take flight as you approach?

Are your distractions chains holding you down? Does your anchor pull you into the sky, breaking free of distraction to soar toward your goal?

Day 6: They Go Low, You Go High


Published by Stuart Fitzwilliam

Runner. Writer. Instinctive fear of inclement weather, hence living in Southern California.

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