7 Days of Calm, Day 3: Get Back in the Game


Sometimes things can feel overwhelming. And that can be okay. We just have to remember that our emotions often don’t reflect the reality of our situation.

Is there something that makes you freeze up? Something that makes you hide under the duvet rather than face it? Think of that thing that seems so overwhelming. Embrace it and let yourself experience the anxiety it causes. If this is overwhelming, that’s okay. Let it overwhelm you. You’re going to make that feeling go away.

Tell yourself that your emotions are valid. That it’s okay to feel this way, but now it’s time for a new emotion.

Make your whole body as tense as you can, counting backward from 10 to 1. When you’ve finished your countdown, exhale and relax your muscles. Let that overwhelming emotion flood out of you.

What’s your favorite color? With your next breath in, imagine the air you breathe in is that color. Even the molecules of oxygen are that color. Maybe they’re multicolored. Maybe they sparkle like glitter. With each breath, you take in more and more of your favorite color. It crackles around you like electricity.

When you’re ready, imagine facing the thing that had seemed so overwhelming. Raise your arms toward and and picture colored lightning shooting from your fingertips. Picture yourself walking toward it and walking straight through it as if it were smoke.

What had seemed an insurmountable obstacle is no longer accompanied by overwhelming emotion. You were always capable of overcoming it. And, now you’ve disassociated it from a negative emotion, you can.

Day 4: Let It Go


Published by Stuart Fitzwilliam

Runner. Writer. Instinctive fear of inclement weather, hence living in Southern California.

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